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for MediaStudio Pro 8
for VideoStudio 9


Here's a list of all known errors. If you find something that isn't listed here, please visit the Feedback page to report your findings.

Getting Results with VideoStudio 9
ISBN 0-9749732-4-6

Page Description Fix
ii Wrong Address The printed address was a placeholder, and got past all our proofreading (I guess it looks just like a real address). Correct address is on the contact page.
vii Misspelling "ROUND SCHOOL" should be "GROUND SCHOOL". This is what happens when you edit after proofreading has been completed.
262 Minced Words The first sentence of the Approach section at the bottom of the page should be, "The idea is to put the clip in an overlay track and position the center of the original image at the top of the frame."
268 Missing Word Under the Star bullet point it should say, "My goal for this clip"
277 Misspelling About two-thirds down the page, envelop should be envelope.
280 Extra Punctuation First paragraph says, children's'. Looks like one apostrophe too many.
284 Missing Word Second paragraph, second sentence should be, "I don't think there's a..."
295 Missing Word Tip #5, second sentence should be, "How you go about this is outside the scope..."
300 Non-existent Reference The ESD section was removed in the third edition.
306 Extra Word Third paragraph from the bottom, remove the first such.
318 Minced Words Top of page under Cues, the second sentence should say, "Cues also serve as editing "snap points" for quick alignment."
329 Incomplete Word Under HD: "It does take some more powerful processing..."
- Wrong File The nightvision.mpg file on the CD is the wrong version. You may download the correct file here.

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