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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Getting Results?
    Getting Results is about helping you learn to make the most of your software. Our products can be thought of as a book-software hybrid: a best of both worlds solution.

    How do you mean?
    We want to create books that are more than just paper. Books should be searchable, updatable, supportable, and upgradable. In other words, taking on many traditional aspects of software.

    What are the future plans for the company?
    More books. At this point in time, we are fully committed to becoming a serious publishing company.

    Can I sell or distribute the books?
    Most likely, yes. Contact Sales for more information.

    Will you consider manuscripts from other authors?
    We're always open to new ideas. Contact Development for more information.

    What if it's not a video or technical book?
    Visit Lockshire Press for more information.

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