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for MediaStudio Pro 8
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Getting Results with MediaStudio Pro 8

CD515 MB
Our books begin with essential background material, continue with targeted exercises, and conclude with full sized projects. Topics include:

bulletKey Video Concepts
bulletEssential Editing Skills
bulletTransitions & Filters
bulletMoving Paths
bulletOverlays & Keying
bulletMulti-Camera Editing
bulletPhoto/Video Montages
bulletAdvanced Projects
bulletAnd much more
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(Acrobat Reader Required)

The book includes all the materials required to complete the exercises. Project files for each exercise give you a hands-on look at how it all works. Sample video, audio, and image clips are also provided.

These movies are from three different book projects. The video, audio, and project files (along with step-by-step walkthroughs, of course) are all part of the book and accompanying CD-ROM. Click to play or right-click to download. (WMV Format)

MSP Promo Movie Still MSP Montage Movie Still MSP Music Video Movie Still
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