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Registration Q&A

Do I have to register within a certain time?

No. If you want to register to get a future discount, you can do it right before you make your future purchase. Time doesn't matter.

My product doesn't have a serial code. What do I do?

There are three possibilities:

  1. You have an older product, before serial numbers were used.
  2. It was lost, destroyed, or there was a manufacturing error.
  3. You purchased it directly from this web site.
If it's 1 or 2, visit the Support page, providing as much information about your purchase as possible. If it's 3, you are already registered.

I'm concerned about giving out my personal information.

That's a valid concern nowadays and one major reason registration is optional. If you're uncomfortable with the idea, just don't register.

For those who do, your personal information is safe. We're a small shop who cares mostly about our readers getting the most out of the books. We have absolutely nothing to gain by violating your privacy.

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